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Bangor art scene “popular as ever”

Evan Hendershot

The art scene in Bangor, Maine and its surrounding areas is always changing. It gives art lovers a chance to show work of their own and admire work created by their peers. Backed by an increase in popularity and interesting new ways of displaying art, art fans have something to be excited about.

One of the newer events in Bangor is Pecha Kucha Night. Pecha Kucha is a relatively new idea. From the minds of two Japanese architects in 2003, it is a way for anyone to present their ideas. When asked about the format of Pecha Kucha Night, Gibran Graham, the Chair of the Bangor Pecha Kucha Organizing Committee said, “The presentation format – in a nutshell – is 20 images or slides that show for 20 seconds each.”

Only five dollars at the door and you can see the presentations that are created by other people from the community. But if you want to participate, Pecha Kucha Night is open to anyone.

Bangor is one of about 400 cities worldwide that offers a chance to participate in or attend Pecha Kucha Night. With multiple Pecha Kucha Nights a year, it is a fun way to learn about new things and see what the people in the Bangor community are working on. The next Pecha Kucha Night in Bangor will be held at the Nocturnem Draft Haus on June 1.

If you are looking for the traditional art exhibit, the University of Maine Museum of Art opened their spring exhibit in April. This museum is also located in Bangor. The new exhibit includes the work of critically acclaimed artists Jemma Gascoine, John Goodman and Ruth Marshall. These artists, who are from England, the United States and Australia respectively, have been featured in multiple art museums around the world. The University of Maine Museum of Art offers free admission to the public, and the current exhibit will run until June 9.

The University of Maine also has a student art exhibit, located on their campus in Orono, Maine. This exhibit, located in Lord Hall, is filled with art created by undergraduate students. Roughly 70 pieces were selected from hundreds of submissions. This exhibit contains all kinds of art, from paintings to sculptures. It is also free to see the art at the student art exhibit, providing students with a broad audience to show their work to. When asked about the importance of the Student Art Exhibit, Michael Grillo, Chair of the Art Department at the University of Maine, said, “It’s a communal voice, it’s one which really does open up for students the ability to get their work out into the public realm.”

With these three exhibits in the greater Bangor area, the art world is as popular as ever. With so many ways to view art, or even present your own, Bangor offers more than the average community when it comes to the arts.


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